TMJ-TMD Bruxism
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The temporomandibular joint or TMJ acts like a sliding hinge, connecting your jawbone to your skull. TMJ syndrome or TMD (temporomandibular disorder) is a medical problem related to a malfunction of that jaw joint. The symptoms are most often a popping, clicking, or crackling in the jaw joint.

TMJ-TMD Bruxism

The temporomandibular joint or TMJ acts like a sliding hinge, connecting your jawbone to your skull. TMJ syndrome or TMD (temporomandibular disorder) is a medical problem related to a malfunction of that jaw joint. The symptoms are most often a popping, clicking, or crackling in the jaw joint. It can be accompanied by aliments, such as headaches, jaw joint or muscle pain, a jaw that is difficult to open or locks in place, ringing in the ears, and sometimes even numbness in the face and fingertips. Bruxism is a condition when you grind, gnash, or clench your teeth, most often at night. If you believe you may have either of these disorders, refrain from diagnosing it yourself. Make an appointment at Dr. Crystal Dental to receive an appropriate evaluation before proceeding with proper treatment. These two conditions can have similar symptoms, making it easy to confuse one from the other.


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The Causes and Symptoms of TMJ-TMD

TMJ-TMD is a malfunction of the temporomandibular joint. Every time you open or close your mouth, you are using this joint. Since this is such a frequently used joint, severe TMJ-TMD can have an impact on your quality of living. A dysfunction in this joint can be caused by several issues:


  • Grinding or clenching your teeth, which puts a lot of pressure on the joint.
  • Movement of the soft cushion or disc between the ball and socket of the joint.
  • Arthritis in the joint.
  • Stress, which can cause you to tighten facial and jaw muscles or clench the teeth.
  • Habits that promote overuse of the jaw joint, such as excessive gum chewing and nail biting.

These are some of the suspected causes, and it is often difficult to determine the exact cause of TMJ-TMD. If you develop a dysfunction in your temporomandibular joint, you may experience some of the following symptoms:


  • Frequent headaches.
  • Pain or tenderness in your face, jaw joint area, neck, and shoulders, and in or around the ear when you chew, speak, or open your mouth wide.
  • Problems when you try to open your mouth wide.
  • Jaws that get "stuck" or "lock" in the open- or closed-mouth position.
  • Clicking, popping, or grating sounds in the jaw joint when you open or close your mouth or chew. This may or may not be painful.
  • A tired feeling in your face.
  • Trouble chewing or a sudden uncomfortable bite -- as if the upper and lower teeth are not fitting together properly.
  • Swelling on the side of your face.

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The Causes and Symptoms of Bruxism

Bruxism is the grinding or the clenching of your teeth, most often at night, but you might clench and grind your teeth during the daytime hours as well. Daytime bruxism is called awake bruxism and nighttime bruxism is called sleep bruxism.


Just like TMJ-TMD, it is often difficult to determine the cause of bruxism. Some of the most common causes include:


  • An increase in your stress, anxiety, anger, pain, or frustration.
  • The misalignment of your jaw.
  • You have developed sleep apnea or other sleep disordered breathing.
  • You are reacting to certain medications.
  • It is the result of excessive drug, alcohol, and tobacco use.

Regardless of the specific cause of your bruxism, you may experience one of these symptoms:


  • You are experiencing consistent headaches.
  • You experience jaw or face pain.
  • Regular earaches.
  • Your jaw is sore.
  • There is increased tooth sensitivity and toothaches.
  • We discover broken, chipped, or cracked teeth.
  • Your teeth are becoming worn or flattened.
  • You have a consistent disrupted sleep pattern.

Diagnosis of TMD-TMJ and Bruxism

TMJ and Bruxism problems are diagnosed with a detailed examination by Dr. Crystal Dental. We will thoroughly exam you for any evidence of TMJ-TMD and Bruxism with your teeth, mouth, gums, and tongue. We will meticulously and deliberately palpate the muscles of your head, neck, and shoulders to determine your level of tenderness, measure the range of motion in your lower jaw, conduct a scan of your jaw joints using a doppler and may include further diagnostic imaging (MRI or cone-beam x-rays).

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