Smile Design
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A smile design is the process of planning cosmetic and orthodontic procedures that will artistically create a straighter, whiter, and more natural looking smile.

Smile Design

A smile design is the process of planning cosmetic and orthodontic procedures that will artistically create a straighter, whiter, and more natural looking smile. Cosmetic dentists take into consideration the mouth and face shape to create better aesthetics.


Smile designs can do wonders to restore your dental health and appearance regardless of the state of your teeth.


This process and various treatments are based on several contributing factors.


  • The size and ratio of your teeth, your gums, and your lips.
  • The size and shape of your facial features such as your eyes, nose, and chin.
  • Your weight, your height, and your skin color.

The primary focus of a smile design treatment is to reach the aesthetic value of your smile at the highest level. A smile design will revitalize your smile for a longer life expectancy. A smile design is an invaluable investment in your overall appearance. Age naturally decreases our smile due to normal wear and tear. This happens gradually such that it is difficult to see the decline.


The entire team at Dr. Crystal Dental radiates compassion and enthusiasm. Every member embraces your individual comfort and dental needs. We seek balance in our practice, our procedures, and your health. You will find your entire dental experience with us comforting from start to finish. We balance exceptional, personalized dental care with state-of-the-art equipment and technology. Call us today at 440-974-4449 to schedule your appointment for an evaluation regarding the benefits of a smile design for you. You can conveniently find us at 7223 Center Street, Mentor, Ohio, 44060.


Dr. Crystal

Dr. Crystal is a graduate of Case Western Reserve University, School of Dental Medicine and went on to receive training at one of the most prestigious dental residencies in the nation, The Audie L. Murphy VA Hospital Advanced Education in General Dentistry in San Antonio, TX.


Inform & Educate

We empower you to make wise, well-informed decisions for your oral health through patient education and individual consultation. We do this through the modern technology we offer. Our digital x-rays are equipped with special cavity-detecting software, and we also utilize an intraoral camera to show you what we see in your mouth. We also make sure to stay up-to-date on your medical history, current medications and any other factors that might affect your dental health and treatment.


Insurance & Billing

We are an insurance-friendly office, so please call us about your plan. We will do our best to assist you in maximizing your benefits. At your first visit to our Mentor dental practice, we will ask you for your current insurance information. We may ask you to confirm this information at subsequent visits so we can stay up-to-date and fully informed to serve you. As a courtesy to you, we file all claim forms electronically, provide postage for special claims, and we track claims for you.

Are You a Possible Candidate for a Smile Design Plan?

The best feature of smile design planning that we provide at Dr. Crystal Dental is that everyone is a good candidate. If you want your smile to look younger, the smile design treatment can literally take several years off your general appearance. This treatment is also perfect if you want to invest in your overall dental health.


The smile design plan will improve your self-confidence. Studies have proven that having a healthy smile, an attractive or enhanced smile will help you with your personal interactions, social encounters, and professional challenges.


You are a good candidate for this treatment if you have and will continue to maintain your dental checkups and practice good preventative oral hygiene. The smile design treatment will support and encourage your efforts. You will be able to review before and after photos before any procedure is started, which will allow you to make an informed decision. Even though we want to provide you with the perfect smile, the decision remains yours.

Possible Combined Procedures as a Result of a Smile Design Plan

We may recommend different dental procedures depending on the results of your smile design process. These procedures may include:


  • Some smile designs might only require porcelain veneers.
  • Other smile designs may require a combination of porcelain veneers and porcelain crowns. Porcelain crowns are chosen when a tooth is weakened, or a tooth has large old restorations.
  • Sometimes teeth are missing in your smile zone. This would require either a bridge with an artificial tooth or an implant with a porcelain crown.
  • Multiple missing anterior teeth would require multiple implants, or an implant supported denture to make the completed smile design.
  • If too much gum tissue is showing when you smile or the gumline is uneven, then a gum lift or gum contouring is done with lasers to reduce the amount of gum showing.
  • If several teeth have received veneers, then the remaining natural teeth are whitened before the smile design is completed. This makes sure that the smile is enhanced and balanced.
  • Fluoride treatments, teeth whitening or other procedures that can improve the visual appearance of your natural teeth.

With the digital smile design program, the impressions that we take of your teeth are captured digitally. The impressions that we take for the creation of your smile design occur with a digital imaging technique, which can be completed quickly.

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Start Your Journey Towards a Beautiful, Healthy Smile.

Preview Your Smile Design Treatment Plan

Anticipation can be rewarding, and then the final gratification is totally satisfying. But the apprehension getting there can cause some anxiety. You want to improve your teeth, but you are concerned about the outcome. Digital smile design allows you to see exactly how you will look after the suggested treatments. Your smile is as unique as your fingerprints. There could be multiple options for improving your teeth and being able to see how each one of them looks will help you feel more confident about your final choice.

Take Advantage of the Digital Technology Behind Smile Design

The digital smile design software at Dr. Crystal Dental allows you to:


  • Preview what your smile will look like when finished.
  • View more than one option available for improving your smile.
  • To understand how and why the dental treatment is being recommended.
  • To learn more about the procedures you will undergo.
  • Share your potential smile design restoration with others if you wish.

Digital smile design will show you that you can easily get rid of:


  • Missing teeth.
  • Crooked teeth.
  • Discoloration and stains.
  • Damaged teeth like chips and cracks.

You do not have to live with these imperfections. A digital smile design will let you see your smile with these imperfections corrected.

Comprehensive Dentistry

Comprehensive dentistry with Dr. Crystal Schneider, involves the diagnosis and treatment of conditions affecting the teeth, gums and jaw. She believes that preventive care is the most important aspect of comprehensive dentistry. Dr. Schneider aims to identify and treat problems while they’re still small, which can save you time, money and more extensive dental treatment.

Cosmetic Dentistry

An attractive smile can boost your confidence, help you make better first impressions on others, and improve your personal and professional life. We provide several cosmetic dental treatments that can subtly enhance your smile, and there are many other more dramatic treatments, often called “smile makeovers,” that can give you the smile of your dreams.

Specialized Dentistry

Missing teeth can take the joy out of the everyday things we love, from smiling and talking with confidence to eating our favorite foods. All of these things can become easier again with specialized dental care. Dr. Schneider offers advanced treatments that will not just restore your smile to its former health – they’ll make it look and feel even better than before!

What Does the Smile Design Process Look Like at Dr. Crystal Dental?

The smile design process at Dr. Crystal Dental can be an extensive process involving the personal customization of a treatment plan that will take your dental needs and desires into consideration. At your initial consultation we will discuss your goals and to determine with smile design how to address your dental problems. This consultation provides you with an informed look at what the actual treatment process will include.


Before we address the issues with your smile, we must correct any underlying dental health problems. The treatment timeline that we create for you will be developed around your schedule, to keep the number of appointments manageable.


Before your treatment begins, we will have your entire smile design plan in place, and it has earned your approval. The duration of treatment will depend on the types of procedures that you will require to improve your smile. If you have no alignment issues with teeth that are healthy and clean, the entire treatment might only take several weeks. It is possible for this plan to take much longer if numerous alterations and corrections need to be made to improve your smile.

Our Devotion to Family Dentistry is Unparalleled

Our attention to detail is second to none. Either when it comes to your personalized dental care or the array of amenities in the relaxing comfort of our office. The entire team at Dr. Crystal Dental goes the extra mile in providing communication and consultation, realizing that we collectively are committed to developing long lasting relationships with every patient. We find gratification in life changing healthy smiles. Call us now at 440-974-4449 to make an appointment for your personal evaluation and consultation regarding a smile design plan for you. Our office is located at 7223 Center Street, Mentor, Ohio, 44060.