Dental Fillings
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Dental fillings are the process of restoring a small hole in a tooth that is the result of decay, fracture, or a gap in a previous restoration. Dental fillings cover holes in your teeth to protect the sensitive pulp and prevent further damage from occurring.

Dental Fillings

Dental fillings are the process of restoring a small hole in a tooth that is the result of decay, fracture, or a gap in a previous restoration. Dental fillings cover holes in your teeth to protect the sensitive pulp and prevent further damage from occurring. Decay is the result of bacterial infections. Bacteria remain on your teeth when they are not brushed or flossed correctly. Poor diet, lifestyle habits, medication, medical conditions and more can contribute to increased risk for dental decay which result in needing a dental filling.


The entire team at Dr. Crystal Dental radiates compassion and enthusiasm. Every member embraces your individual comfort and dental needs. We seek balance in our practice, our procedures, and your health. You will find your entire dental experience with us comforting from start to finish. We balance exceptional, personalized dental care with state-of-the-art equipment and technology. Call us today at 440-974-4449 to schedule your appointment for an evaluation regarding possible dental fillings for you. You can conveniently find us at 7223 Center Street, Mentor, Ohio, 44060.


There are several dental treatments that are used to manage tooth decay. One of the oldest and most common forms of treatment is a dental filling. Although our goal is to prevent cavities entirely, they still can occur. According to the National Institutes of Health, about 92 percent of U.S. adults ages 20 to 64 have had a cavity. A dental filling removes the source of the dental infection (tooth decay) and allows your tooth to continue to function normally and comfortably for the patient. The types of fillings have evolved with technology, and it is now quick and easy to have a cavity treated at Dr. Crystal Dental.


Dr. Crystal

Dr. Crystal is a graduate of Case Western Reserve University, School of Dental Medicine and went on to receive training at one of the most prestigious dental residencies in the nation, The Audie L. Murphy VA Hospital Advanced Education in General Dentistry in San Antonio, TX.


Inform & Educate

We empower you to make wise, well-informed decisions for your oral health through patient education and individual consultation. We do this through the modern technology we offer. Our digital x-rays are equipped with special cavity-detecting software, and we also utilize an intraoral camera to show you what we see in your mouth. We also make sure to stay up-to-date on your medical history, current medications and any other factors that might affect your dental health and treatment.


Insurance & Billing

We are an insurance-friendly office, so please call us about your plan. We will do our best to assist you in maximizing your benefits. At your first visit to our Mentor dental practice, we will ask you for your current insurance information. We may ask you to confirm this information at subsequent visits so we can stay up-to-date and fully informed to serve you. As a courtesy to you, we file all claim forms electronically, provide postage for special claims, and we track claims for you.

How Do You Know You Might Need a Dental Filling?

If you visit Dr. Crystal Dental for regular exams and checkups, we can detect cavities early. The sooner a cavity is addressed, the better the outcome for your tooth, and the less invasive the corrective treatment will be. The hope with of regular maintenance and examination is to prevent decay, but when that’s not possible, our goal is to address issues when they are small easily treated and avoid larger and more extensive work that puts a tooth and your health at risk.


Here are a few warning signs of a cavity:


  • You feel a continuous ache in the tooth.
  • There is a hole or pit in a tooth.
  • Your tooth has become sensitive to hot or cold foods and drinks.
  • There is also a sensitivity to sugary foods and drinks.
  • The tooth looks stained, either white or a darker color.
  • Your bite has changed.
  • You feel that when you floss it gets stuck or you feel a ledge.

We will use a small handheld mirror to examine the surfaces of each tooth, and anything that looks abnormal will be closely checked with a small handheld tool called an explorer and X-rayed. The dental filling treatment will depend on the extent of damage and the type of filling chosen.

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The Different Types of Dental Fillings

There are several types of material used for dental fillings today. Most commonly are white fillings, known as composite restorations, which is the primary filling of choice at Dr. Crystal Dental.


  • Silver-color fillings- These are metal amalgams, a combination of silver, mercury, copper, and tin. These are not routinely placed as there have been major advances in other more modern, conservative, and esthetic materials. There are still limited situations where this may be the material of choice, and this option will be discussed if it meet your clinical situation. Some people might have concerns about the mercury content, but experts have found no clinical evidence that amalgam fillings are harmful.
  • White tooth-color fillings (composites)- These fillings are a combination of glass or quartz particles and acrylic resin, and polish to a high shine to blend in beautifully with your natural teeth. These restorations are bonded into place. They can be placed very conservatively with only the necessary tooth structure removed.
  • Glass ionomer fillings- These are also tooth-colored and a type of filling material that contains a fluoride releasing component. They are made of acrylic and a type of glass that contains fluoride which can help prevent cavities. They are often preferred for children’s teeth or on exposed root surfaces of permanent teeth.
  • Porcelain fillings- These, while almost as expensive as gold fillings, look natural are stronger than directly placed restorations such as composites or amalgams. They are created in a dental lab after we take a digital impression of your tooth.
  • Gold fillings- This mix of gold, copper, and other metals is very durable and more expensive. Gold fillings are fabricated in a dental lab after we take a digital impression of your tooth.

The Dental Filling Procedure

Dental fillings are a simple and common procedure. To begin, Dr. Crystal Dental will examine your mouth and use dental instruments to inspect the cavity. We may take an X-ray of the tooth and utilize dental photography to see the extent of the tooth decay.


We will next comfortably administer a local anesthetic to numb the immediate area. This will prevent any discomfort during the procedure. You might not even need an anesthetic if the filling is just on the very surface of the tooth. During the procedure, we have comfortable chairs, glasses, and a TV you can watch during the procedure to make the time in our chair more relaxing.


Once the area is numbed, it is isolated from contamination most often with the use of a Dental Dam. The Dental Dam is an important part of the procedure as it prepares the site for a clean restoration, and prohibits water and other contaminants from going into the patient’s mouth during the procedure. The decay is carefully removed with the use of specialized handpieces. Then, we will sterilize and prepare the area for the filling and fill the hole. Some types of fillings are cured, or hardened, with a blue wavelength light.


Finally, we will polish the tooth and check to make sure that your bite alignment is correct and that it feels smooth and comfortable.

Comprehensive Dentistry

Comprehensive dentistry with Dr. Crystal Schneider, involves the diagnosis and treatment of conditions affecting the teeth, gums and jaw. She believes that preventive care is the most important aspect of comprehensive dentistry. Dr. Schneider aims to identify and treat problems while they’re still small, which can save you time, money and more extensive dental treatment.

Cosmetic Dentistry

An attractive smile can boost your confidence, help you make better first impressions on others, and improve your personal and professional life. We provide several cosmetic dental treatments that can subtly enhance your smile, and there are many other more dramatic treatments, often called “smile makeovers,” that can give you the smile of your dreams.

Specialized Dentistry

Missing teeth can take the joy out of the everyday things we love, from smiling and talking with confidence to eating our favorite foods. All of these things can become easier again with specialized dental care. Dr. Schneider offers advanced treatments that will not just restore your smile to its former health – they’ll make it look and feel even better than before!

Dental Fillings Aftercare

Once your dental filling treatment is completed, you might continue to have a numbing sensation in the area for several hours.  Once the numbness has worn off, you are able to go about your normal daily activities. You need to treat your dental filling like you do the rest of your teeth. Continuing to properly brush and floss daily will ensure your dental filling lasts a long time.


During your regular exams and check-ups with Dr. Crystal Dental, we will check the integrity of the filling and make sure that no further decay has appeared. You might experience some mild sensitivity following your treatment as well. This is common and will subside.


If you have pain in the area, call us right away. Although uncommon, if your dental filling ever cracks or falls out, make an appointment right away to have it repaired or replaced to prevent further damage with the tooth.

Our Devotion to Family Dentistry is Unparalleled

Our attention to detail is second to none. Either when it comes to your personalized dental care or the array of amenities in the relaxing comfort of our office. The entire team at Dr. Crystal Dental goes the extra mile in providing communication and consultation, realizing that we collectively are committed to developing long lasting relationships with every patient. We find gratification in life changing healthy smiles. Call us now at 440-974-4449 to make an appointment for your personal evaluation and consultation regarding a possible dental filling. Our office is located at 7223 Center Street, Mentor, Ohio, 44060.